Aluminum Heat Diffuser Heatsink for LED Light

Aluminum Heat Heatsink Radiator Cooling Fin 60~75mm Diameter for Led Lamp

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    45 day
  • Thread Size:

    45 x 60mm
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Product Detail

           Using this heatsink can reduce the risk of hardware failure due to overheating.

           Please make sure that the size of the heatsink fits your component.and customized service is available.

          The heat sink increase the area of the board and thus provide for better heat transfer.

         This Aluminum heatsink application for power transistor,LED power amplifier,SCR, Voltage Regulator and so on.

             zhonglida heatsink


         Net Weight: 88g;

         Package Content: 1 x Heatsink

         Main Color: Silver or customized

         Tone; Main Body Size: 45 x 60mm / 1.77" x 2.36" (H*D)

         Base Diameter: 72mm / 2.83"

         Total Height: 47mm / 1.85";

         Mounting Hole Size: 9.8mm / 0.39" (D);


         All other aluminum heatsink, anodized heat sink is under choice.

         Customizd drawing is welcome!


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