2020 Machining How we do it
Feb 26,2020

Made in China is gradually upgrading, and Zhonglida Machinery is also participating in this wave. Gradually developed from several automatic lathes to now have 20 CNC machining centers, 30 automatic lathes, more than 20 auxiliary processing and testing equipment.

For products that are simple and cheap, people tend to buy them nearby or in their own country. Because long-distance transportation and product import both cost, if the product is cheap, the cost of transportation and import may have exceeded the price purchased nearby.

But why are more and more people importing machined hardware products from China? After several upgrades, Chinese industry has become one of the important members of global manufacturing. The reason why she can develop rapidly and continue to be inseparable from the increasingly perfect domestic supply chain system

Customers' needs often require multiple factories to collaborate, and even cross-industry cooperation to complete. If the customer needs to find the factory for each processing technology and find the appropriate assembly factory, it will take a lot of time, energy and cost. But if you find an experienced and powerful factory, it already has a perfect network of relationships, and cooperates with other supporting factories for many years to cooperate perfectly. This will save customers a lot of unnecessary costs.

Xiamen Zhonglida Machinery Co., Ltd. has been continuously screened since its establishment in 2005, and has already established a complete supporting supply chain system that has been subsequently processed. Able to provide customers with all services of finished hardware parts from raw materials to qualified products after understanding their needs. The steps are simplified as follows: make a request → confirm the drawing → confirm the sample → pay → receive the goods.

Strong processing equipment, processing capacity and perfect management system, after passing ISO9001: 2016 and TS16949 certification, we provide many large factories including but not limited to custom screws, custom nuts, various shafts, shaft sleeves, engine spools Electromagnetic parts, Cable Gland Adaptor and other OEM stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, carbon steel, low carbon steel and non-metal parts.

Affected by the new coronavirus epidemic prevention in 2020, the transportation of raw materials and the shipment of products are postponed. Facing a large backlog of orders. The company decided to urgently purchase a batch of new production equipment after February to resume production to increase production capacity and complete orders. Because after the epidemic is effectively controlled, customer demand for products will grow rapidly, and we need to be prepared.

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