• Let's talk someting about the copper nut Mar 23,2020
    Today let us talk something about the copper nut. The definition of a copper nut is a nut made of copper (usually lead brass, such as H59, H62). The copper nuts we come into contact with daily are mainly hexagon nuts or other copper nuts that match the bolts. So why use copper nuts in daily production activities? Because the copper screws and nuts has the advantages of not being easy to corrode, a...
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    Bushing bearing is a cylindrical mechanical part sleeved on a rotating shaft and is an integral part of a sliding bearing. Generally speaking, the Bushing bearing and the bearing seat adopt an interference fit, while the Bushing bearing adopts a clearance fit. Concept Bushing bearing is on the propeller shaft or stern shaft. The bearing is a component that fixes and reduces the load friction coeff...
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  • 2020 Machining How we do it Feb 26,2020
    Made in China is gradually upgrading, and Zhonglida Machinery is also participating in this wave. Gradually developed from several automatic lathes to now have 20 CNC machining centers, 30 automatic lathes, more than 20 auxiliary processing and testing equipment. For products that are simple and cheap, people tend to buy them nearby or in their own country. Because long-distance transportation and...
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  • General purpose stainless steel parts material performance use summary Jul 22,2019
    General purpose stainless steel parts performance use summary Many variable factors indicate the characteristics of the corrosive medium, ie, the chemical and its concentration, atmospheric state, temperature, and time, so if the correct properties of the medium are not known, it is difficult to use materials and select materials. However, the following can be used as a guide. Type 304 Widely used...
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