• Basic information of the cover parts
    May 20, 2017

    Basic information of the cover parts

    The basic shape of such parts is a flat disk shape, generally having end caps, bonnets, gears, etc., and their main structure is generally a rotating body, usually with various shapes of flanges, uniformly round holes. And local structures such as ribs. In the view selection, the cross-sectional view of the symmetry plane or the rotary axis is generally selected as the main view, and other appropriate views (such as the left view, the right view or the top view) are added to express the shape and the uniform structure of the part. A left view is added as shown to represent a square flange with rounded corners and four evenly spaced through holes. When dimensioning the parts of the disc cover, the axis passing through the shaft hole is usually selected as the radial dimension reference, and the main dimension reference in the length direction is often selected as the important end face.
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  • China Conference on Integration of Informatization and Industrialization
    Mar 20, 2019

    China Conference on Integration of Informatization and Industrialization

    Xiamen Zhong Li Da Machinery factory for China Conference on Integration of Informatization and Industrialization,organized by China Service Alliance for Integration of Informatization and Industrialization(CSAIII)and China Alliance for Manufacturing Industry and Internet Integration,Being implemented,.Major for high precision metal parts factory. The integration of the two technologies is a high-level deep integration of informationization and industrialization. It refers to the industrialization of informationization, the promotion of informationization by industrialization, and the path of new industrialization. The core of integration is the support of informationization and the pursuit of sustainable development. Good for our custom design metal part processing with CNC machining service and CNC milling service. The integration of two technologies means that electronic information technology is widely applied to all aspects of industrial production, and informationization has become a routine means of industrial enterprise management. The process of informatization and the process of industrialization are no longer independent of each other. They are no longer unilaterally promoting and promoting relations. Instead, they are intertwined at all levels of technology, hardware products, and management. They are inseparable from each other and promote industrial electronics and industrial software. New industries such as industrial information services. The integration of the two is the inevitable outcome of the development of industrialization and informationization to a certain stage. "Enterprise informationization, information bar code" is the description of the national "Internet of Things 12th Five-Year Plan."
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  • Basic information that is indispensable for bushings
    Sep 24, 2018

    Basic information that is indispensable for bushings

    Shaft and Bushing parts Such parts generally have parts such as shafts and bushings. When the view is expressed, as long as a basic view is drawn and the appropriate section and dimension are drawn, its main shape features and local structures can be expressed. In order to facilitate the drawing when processing, the axis is generally projected horizontally, and it is preferable to select the position where the axis is a side perpendicular. When dimensioning a bushing-type part, its axis is often used as a radial dimension reference. Thus, Ф14 and Ф11 (see A-A section) shown in the figure are taken out. In this way, the design requirements and the process reference during machining (the shaft parts are machined on the lathe, and the thimbles at both ends are placed against the center hole of the shaft) are unified. The reference in the length direction often uses important end faces, contact faces (bearing shoulders) or machined faces. As shown in the figure, the right shoulder with a surface roughness of Ra6.3 is selected as the main dimension reference in the length direction, thereby injecting dimensions of 13, 28, 1.5, and 26.5; and then the right axis end is the length direction. The auxiliary base, thus marking the total length of the shaft 96.
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  • Welcome TSUGAMI 266
    Aug 15, 2019

    Welcome TSUGAMI 266

    Welcome TSUGAMI 266 Now we already have series for Tsugami 203 205 266 MD60 and so on. To meet high request on tolerance metal parts process. Another CNC lathe are also under service. Like STAR, KITAMURA are in the listing. Every year's revenue has a planned investment in the equipment to strengthen our processing capabilities. In order to better serve our customers and meet the higher requirements of customers.
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  • Enter the second stage of training for IATF
    Aug 26, 2019

    Enter the second stage of training for IATF

    Xiamen Zhonglida Machinery Co., Ltd. is enter the second stage of training for IATF(International Automotive Task Force). Our factory is already in the trial stage It is expected to receive this certificate in 2020 At this stage, we are already producing large-scale precision stainless steel automobile shock absorber accessories. This system can better help our company to upgrade to a higher level in all aspects.
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