Let's talk someting about the copper nut
Mar 23,2020

Today let us talk something about the copper nut. The definition of a copper nut is a nut made of copper (usually lead brass, such as H59, H62). The copper nuts we come into contact with daily are mainly hexagon nuts or other copper nuts that match the bolts.

So why use copper nuts in daily production activities? Because the copper screws and nuts has the advantages of not being easy to corrode, anti-corrosion, easy heat conduction and strong conductivity, it is usually used for rust prevention, high temperature, and electrical conductivity, making it suitable for use in environments such as faucets, valves, and electrical switches.

Another main use of copper nuts is injection molding, which is embedded in plastic parts after heating or directly injection molded.

Brass has better high-temperature properties. For example, if a copper nut is heated and inserted, the embedded copper nut can quickly heat up and speed up the work efficiency. Instead, the heated copper nut can be quickly converted into plastic parts, so that the plastic holes The surrounding area becomes soft, which is conducive to pressing into the hole; then, what will happen if the mold is used for injection? The melting of PA / NYLOY / PET is above 200 ° C. The temperature of the copper nut is rapidly increased after it is hot melted into the plastic part. After injection molding, the plastic body is rapidly cooled and hardened. What will it be? You must have guessed how clever, the result is the place where the copper nut comes in contact with the plastic parts. This injection molding uses copper nuts instead of steel nuts.

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