Connector Brass Spring Loaded Pogo Pins

The surface treatment of Spring Loaded Pin is gold plating, the thickness is from 1U" to 3U".

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    15-30 working days
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  • Surface Treatment:

    Gold plating
  • Processing Methods:

    Lathe turning
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Product Detail

Connector Brass Spring Loaded Pogo Pins

Pogo Pins:

Specification:Size are customized according to customer's requirement.

Spring Loaded Pin Connector are widely used in mobile communications, electronic digital, electronic medical equipment, game consoles, digital cameras and so on. Spring Loaded Contact Pins mainly used for conductive or signal transmission. At present, many products use pogo pin instead of metal shrapnel, which is more reliable and convenient for production and delivery.


1.Made of brass or copper.

2. gold plating or silver plating.

3.Pogo pins is very light in weight and wall thickness.

4. Widely used in low voltage products.


PE bag+carton or customer packaging is accepted

Shipping Method:

International Express, DHL, UPS, FedEX, TNT, By Air, By Sea, or as customer's requests.

Products Image:

Spring Pin Connector

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