• Straight rod type custom positioning pin SUS303,304,316 high precision and smooth

    Custom made Straight rod type custom positioning pin SUS303,304,316 high precision and smooth

    The role of the positioning pin bai is to limit the free movement of the item. This free degree is that the object must have six degrees of freedom in space. The linear movement of the three axes of daox, Y, and Z and the movement around X and Y , Z rotation. It can't be fixed and can be removed after installation. Then there are two or more parts of the mold, the pin is the most widely used in the mold, including stamping mold, injection mold and so on. Moreover, the precision requirements of the stamping mold and the injection mold are very high. If bolts are used to fix the template, it is not enough. Therefore, only the pin is used to achieve the purpose of positioning. Or prevent the wrong installation position and direction. In addition, the pin has certain applications in many mechanical movement devices, which are mainly used for position determination based on two-dimensional space and so on. High precision Tailor-made production process to ensure the roundness, concentricity, outer diameter tolerance, accuracy up to 0.001mm Smooth surface is not easy to rust Innovative polishing process, high appearance finish, no burrs, no slipping during rotation, no looseness for long-term use, difficult to rust Strong hardness Customized hardness according to customer requirements to ensure that the product is durable and not deformed after grinding Tighten and prevent loose fitting Multiple fine grinding to ensure that the outer diameter of the product meets the customer's requirements Excellent material Selected imported raw materials, using environmentally friendly materials, products comply with RoSH2.0 standard testing

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