T Shaped Bronze Bearings Bushing

T Shaped Bronze  Bearings Bushing offen made of bronze or brass .Generally speaking, the bushing and bearing housing adopt interference fit, while the shaft adopts clearance fit.

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    20-30 working days
  • Specifications:

    As customers' requirements
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  • Processing Methods:

    NC turning
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Product Detail

Customized And OEM Service Available

product description:

Product Name: T Shaped Bronze  Bearings Bushing

Material: Bronze And brass 

Specification: Custom&OEM


1.The  Bronze  Bearings Bushing is a fitting for the purpose of sealing, wear protection, etc., and refers to the ring sleeve functioning as a cushion.

2.Very high sliding velocity
3.No external lubrication required
4.Maintenance-free operation


Pearl cotton bag + carton+shrink film+pallet or customer packaging is accepted

Shipping Method:

International Express, DHL, UPS, FedEX, TNT, Express, By Air, By Sea, or as customers' requests.

Products Image:

T shape bronze bushing

Brass Bearings Bushing

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