China Conference on Integration of Informatization and Industrialization
Mar 20, 2019

Xiamen Zhong Li Da Machinery factory for China Conference on Integration of Informatization and Industrialization,organized by China Service Alliance for Integration of Informatization and Industrialization(CSAIII)and China Alliance for Manufacturing Industry and Internet Integration,Being implemented,.Major for high precision metal parts factory.

The integration of the two technologies is a high-level deep integration of informationization and industrialization. It refers to the industrialization of informationization, the promotion of informationization by industrialization, and the path of new industrialization. The core of integration is the support of informationization and the pursuit of sustainable development.Good for our custom design metal part processing with CNC machining service and CNC milling service.

The integration of two technologies means that electronic information technology is widely applied to all aspects of industrial production, and informationization has become a routine means of industrial enterprise management. The process of informatization and the process of industrialization are no longer independent of each other. They are no longer unilaterally promoting and promoting relations. Instead, they are intertwined at all levels of technology,hardware products, and management. They are inseparable from each other and promote industrial electronics and industrial software. New industries such as industrial information services. The integration of the two is the inevitable outcome of the development of industrialization and informationization to a certain stage.
"Enterprise informationization, information bar code" is the description of the national "Internet of Things 12th Five-Year Plan."

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