Tungsten disulfide powder as lubricant coating
Dec 27, 2019

Tungsten disulfide powder as lubricant coating

Tungsten disulfide powder can be sprayed on the surface of the substrate by dry cold air under 0.8Mpa (120psi) pressure. Spraying can be performed at room temperature and the coating is 0.5 micron thick. Alternatively, the powder is mixed with isopropanol to apply a sticky substance to the substrate. At present, tungsten disulfide coating has been used in many fields, such as automotive parts, racing engine parts, aviation parts, bearings, shafts, deep-sea vehicles, cutting tools, blades, cutting tools, knives, mold release, high-precision bearings, Valve components, pistons, chains, etc.

In addition, tungsten disulfide is also used as a colored brush in the carbon industry. It can also be applied to super-hard materials and welding wire materials.

Tungsten disulfide can completely replace molybdenum disulfide, with comparable price, better quality and stronger performance. In addition, due to the extremely low friction coefficient (0.03 under dynamic and 0.07 under static) of tungsten disulfide powder, its application field is infinitely broad. Anything is possible if you want to get it.

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