Which products can be processed by CNC machining center
Dec 17, 2019

Which products can be processed by CNC machining center

1. Which products can be processed by CNC machining center

Machining centers are suitable for complex machining, many procedures, and high requirements, which require the use of various types of ordinary machine tools and many tools, fixtures, and multiple machining and adjustment to complete the parts. The main objects of processing are box parts, complex curved surfaces, shaped parts, disks, sleeves, plate parts and special beads processing.

2. CNC machining center can process box parts

Box parts generally refer to parts with more than one hole system, a cavity inside, and a certain proportion in the length, width, and height directions. Such parts are more commonly used in machine tools, automobiles, and aircraft manufacturing. Such parts generally require multi-position hole system and plane processing, with high tolerance requirements, especially strict shape and position tolerance requirements, usually through milling, drilling, expanding, boring, reaming, countersinking, tapping and other processes. There are many tools, it is difficult to process on ordinary machine tools, the number of tooling sets is high, the cost is high, the processing cycle is long, multiple clampings are required, the calibration is correct, and the number of manual measurements is large. The tools must be frequently changed during processing. The important thing is that accuracy is difficult to guarantee.

For machining centers that process box-type parts, when there are many machining stations, parts that require multiple rotations of the table can be completed. Generally, horizontal boring and milling machining centers are selected. When there are fewer machining stations and the span is not large. When it is large, you can choose a vertical machining center to process from one end.

Complex surface

The CNC machining center occupies a particularly important place in the machining industry, especially in the aerospace industry. It is difficult or impossible to complete the complex surface using ordinary machining methods. In China, the traditional method is to use precision casting, and it is conceivable that its accuracy is very low.

3.CNC machining center can process complex curved surface parts

Such as: various impellers, wind guide wheels, spherical surfaces, various curved forming dies, propellers and propellers of underwater vehicles, and some other free-form surfaces. These parts can be processed by machining centers. The more typical ones are:

a.CNC machining center cam

Cams, as the basic components of mechanical information storage and transmission, are widely used in various automatic machines. Such parts have various curved disk cams, cylindrical cams, conical cams, barrel cams, and end cams. Machining this kind of parts can choose three-axis, four-axis linkage or five-axis linkage machining center according to the complicated program of cam.

b. Integral impeller of CNC machining center

Such parts are commonly used in compressors for aero-engines, expanders for oxygen-making equipment, single-screw air compressors, etc. For the processing of such profiles, a machining center with more than four axes can be used to complete

c. CNC machining center can process molds

Such as injection molds, rubber molds, vacuum forming plastic molds, refrigerator foam molds, pressure casting molds, precision casting molds, etc.

The machining center is used to process the mold. Due to the high concentration of procedures, the finishing of critical parts such as moving molds and fixed molds basically completes all the machining content in one clamping. The mold is highly reproducible and interchangeable. Mechanical processing leaves less work for the fitter. Wherever tools are accessible, machining is done as much as possible, so that the work of the mold fitter is mainly polishing.

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